Day 5: Kebnekaise

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Today is the day we are going to climb Sweden's tallest mountain, Kebnekaise.

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We packed our smaller backpacks and left around 7:30am. We had our camp about 20 min away from the path that would lead us in the right direction.

435 img 9926 2 And of course it started raining just when we started... 436 img 9929 437 img 9933 438 img 9939 2 This was the best bit. Jumping on wet stones across the streams 440 img 9945 "Kaffedalen" (Translates to Coffee valley) Probably called that because people stop to have their coffee there. 441 img 9946 446 img 9952 3 447 img 9961 2

To reach the south top of the mountain you first have go up and then straight down again (about 300m) and then up again. See the sketch below to get an idea of what I mean.

449 kebne sketch 450 img 9973 Downhill for a bit. Then up again. 451 img 9978 452 img 9981 2 Last chance to get water before we continued to the top. 453 img 9986 When we reached the bottom of the valley, Fredrik said "I don't think I can continue".

We stayed there for lunch while Fredrik was thinking what to do next, go back or continue to the top with his strained ankle.

455 img 9990 457 img 9989

Fredrik went back to the camp. Me and Petter continued, but were worried if Fredrik would make it down okay those ~1500m.

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