Day 4: Getting ready

120 img 9894 3

I woke up in panic, in the middle of the night because my tent had collapsed on me. There was a storm outside, but there wasn't much else to do than to go outside and put the tent back up again.

287 img 9818 Once we crossed a swamp we were out in the open land again. 288 img 9827 2 289 img 9832 2 290 img 9850 double 292 img 9862 2 "Meditation area" 293 img 9863

We "won" half a day by keeping up our good pace, which meant we will get to Kebnekaise mountain station around lunch time. This meant - Proper food! Last year when ended our hike in a mountain station which had a restaurant (Saltoluokta), I was crying and laughing at the same time because it tasted so good. So I had high hopes for this place. (difference was that we've only been out for 3 days so far)

296 img 9866 2 There it was, Kebnekaise station. We hadn't seen so many people for a couple of days (around 40 of them...) 297 img 9872 We were lucky! Pancakes, pea soup, freshly baked bread, and coffee!

So the plan for today was to have a proper meal and save our energy for tomorrow. After some rest at the station we went back to set up camp closer to the mountain, Kebnekaise.

299 img 9882 2 300 img 9881 301 img 9886 2 302 img 9891 303 img 9902 2 One of very few photos of all three of us. Me, Fredrik, Petter 304 img 9909 2

We enjoyed the evening watching the sun go down, laying barefoot in the grass. Tomorrow we had a long day infront of us. It was said to take 10-11 hours to go up and down Kebnekaise.

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